Social Media Management

Social media platforms are essential for any business. They provide your hotel with chances of successfully increasing your sales, build upon your customer relations, improve the online reputation of the hotel, and create traffic to your website

Enabling your hotel's success via social media

Social media platforms can be used to reach many audiences and transform them into clients and bookings

Reaching out to an extensive audience

Social media are a tool that is vital for marketing any business. Many people who are potential guests access social media platforms. Social media is important in creating awareness of a hotel brand and generating sales by reaching many audiences who later become customers

Increase the value of your hotel

You need to show your followers on social media the value they will gain from the features and amenities present in your hotel. Value, in this case, refers to the aspects that will make the customers visit comfortable and enjoyable.

Interacting live with possible hotel guests

We will be running the hotels' social media proactive in answering potential and regular customer's questions. This will show that your hotel cares about the opinions and inquiries as well as portrays your hotel as efficient. By doing this, bookings are guaranteed.

Generating Promising Social Links

Having an immense number of users, social media gives hotels ample opportunities to interact with their audience. As a result, hotels can promote themselves and create an effective online presence on these online platforms.


We don’t really need to mention the popularity of this mass media platform. Being the most accessed social media platform, it gives you a bunch of opportunities to advertise your hotel.


Instagram is the second most popular social media network followed by Facebook. Both of these social media networks are interlinked with each other. Everyone is aware that Instagram is primarily known for pictures and video sharing.


Pinterest is one of those social media platforms that receive less recognition but has been a salient player all along.

In case if you aren’t aware, Pinterest is a visual platform for picture sharing.

Social media plays a crucial role in reaching out to masses

When working directly with our agency that has experience in the hospitality industry, the content we create for your accounts will have a firm grasp on related knowledge. Knowledge of which hotels use which hashtags, how to appropriately respond to guest reviews, what the recommended colors and fonts for each hotel brand are, along with the latest intel on travel. This inspires the content that goes out, from the wording of posts to the style of graphics used.

Improved Brand Awareness

We fine-tune your social listening by researching and testing online. We contribute to your online community by researching your audience and plan your social media channels carefully. We can deal with a wide range of audiences, from different parts of the world and from different occupational backgrounds. 

Reputation Management

We are practiced in responding to negative comments and tweets, and also adept at responding to negative reviews and de-escalating situations in a thoughtful way. Responses are tactfully written, sensitive to the hotel’s reputation as well as the guest’s concerns, and posted in a timely manner so that the guest is not left feeling unheard.

Our pricing plans

We also provide custom-tailored plans in cases the following packages do not fit your needs of the services as described below.

Basic Plan

100 /per month
  • Facebook • Instagram
  • Social Channel Audit
  • Social Channel Redesign & Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Monthly Reach Statistics
  • Weekly Content Creation and Posting for Each Channel

Professional Plan

290 /per month
  • Facebook • Instagram
  • Social Channel Audit
  • Social Channel Redesign & Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management​
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Monthly Reach Statistics
  • 3 Times/Week Content Creation and Posting for Each Channel

Advanced Plan

590 /per month
  • Facebook • Instagram
  • Social Channel Audit
  • Social Channel Redesign & Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management​
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Weekly Reach Statistics
  • Daily Content Creation and Posting for Each Channel

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